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A New Way to Treat Eating Disorders and Substance Use Concurrently

Eating and substance use disorders frequently co-occur or result in one another, but many mental health professionals don’t recognize this fact or treat them together. Bonnie Brennan, MA, LPC, CEDS-S, CA, recently presented a webinar on the topic, A Paradigm Shift: A New Way to Treat Eating Disorders and Substance Use Concurrently. The presentation was sponsored by Cato House, Integrative Life Center’s women’s residential eating disorder program. In the webinar, Bonnie discusses the relationship between eating and substance use disorders,

stop addictive behaviors

5 Effective Strategies to Stop Addictive Behaviors

At best, addictive behaviors may be annoying to you or others. Nail-biting, for example. But when they’re at their worst, they can destroy health, happiness, finances, and friendships. Substance abuse,

woman with therapist talking about benefits of an aftercare program

5 Benefits of Aftercare You Need to Know About

It’s been estimated that almost half of those in recovery will relapse. With stats like this, it may make you wonder why treatment. But there’s something you should know. First,

woman painting using art therapy for recovery

Art Therapy for Recovery: Why It Works

When you decide it’s time to get on the path to recovery, you’ll hear about a combination of evidence-based treatments and non-traditional yet powerfully healing alternative therapies. Art therapy for recovery

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 and Treatment: How It’s Working

In times of great challenges we are offered a deeper understanding of the true depth and importance of our choices. As healthcare professionals, the ILC team has graciously held tension

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