therapist and patient learning what the psychotherapy definition in addiction counseling

Psychotherapy Definition in Addiction Counseling

The psychotherapy definition of addiction counseling refers to talk therapy. This sort of therapy takes place between a client and therapist or between a group of clients and a therapist. It serves several purposes, including identifying poor coping skills and replacing them with healthier recovery behaviors. In general, psychotherapy is vital to recovery for those in treatment for…

woman with prayer hands using spirituality in recovery

Spirituality in Recovery: The Importance of Embracing Your Own Personal Experience

Spirituality in recovery is a highly personal experience. One person’s higher power may be far different from another’s. Not everyone believes in God. Not everyone believes that there’s life after death. But, to recover from substance use disorder, it’s unnecessary to conform to a common omnipotent force. Your higher power is what you make of…

woman glaring at broccoli drug abuse and eating disorders

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Eating Disorders

When you suffer from substance abuse and a co-occurring condition such as an eating disorder, you need treatment for dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis treats both issues simultaneously, helping you achieve healing for your whole body and emotional mindset. To recover from one, you must also recover from the other. It’s this integrative approach to healing that…