Adventure And Experiential Therapy.

From kayaking excursions down the Piney River to our low ropes courses; we utilize these approaches to continually strengthen the mind-body connection. We have seen clients have moments of self-discovery they could only have by “doing.”

What Is Adventure And Experiential Therapy?

Rather than a more traditional “talk therapy” Adventure and Experiential Therapy involves movements, actions, and activities. It involves the patient having a more physical experience, rather than a more subdues therapy session. Experiential therapy is a therapeutic approach that urges patients to recognize and address suppressed issues through activities such as role-playing, guided imagery, the use of props, and a range of other active experiences.

What Are The Benefits Of Adventure And Experiential Therapy?

One of the benefits that come from this form of therapy is that the therapist is able to see their patients involved in activities where the therapy is not the main focus. In other words, if a patient is actively engaged in kayaking, they are focusing on that rather than therapy, the therapist is then able to observe the actions and emotions the patient is experiencing in a whole new setting. This focus on the task allows the patient to let their guard down and act in a more real-life manner. After the exercise or activity, the patient and therapist are able to talk about what happened, and the patient is able to process the experience. The patient has the time to receive specific feedback regarding actions and behaviors, this is where the therapy portion comes into play. Not only does the therapist have the chance to talk about the patient’s actions and behaviors, but the patient is also able to identify the actions and process the way he or she handled a given situation. Other benefits for patients include change, personal growth, problem-solving skills, and personal empowerment.

What Conditions/Disorders Do Adventure And Experiential Therapy Treat?

Experiential therapy has been successfully integrated into treatment programs for adults who are being treated for substance abuse, addiction, behavior disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, grief/loss, trauma, sex addiction, compulsive gambling, bipolar, depression and related conditions.

At Integrative Life Center, Some Of The Adventure And Experiential Therapies We Engage In Are:

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