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Sweat Lodge

(temp. suspended)

two people building sweat lodge

It’s no secret that our bodies feel cleansed, fresher and renewed after a good sweat. Toxins are expelled through our pores and it feels as though the grime that has clung to us has essentially been wrung from our bodies. So, when individuals are in treatment for substance use disorder or to improve mental health, our sweat lodge therapy program can be a productive experience.

Sweat Lodges have been largely associated with Native American culture throughout history. Similar in some ways to saunas, rocks are heated over a fire then used to generate heat in the room and/or tent. Water poured over the hot rocks creates steam. Sweats have been used for a variety of reasons from giving thanks and celebrating to cleansing, healing, and mourning. The ceremonial aspects of a sweat lodge allow an individual not only to withstand the heat for longer periods of time but to tailor the experience to your own physical and spiritual needs.

Lead by trained staff members, Sweat Lodges at Integrative Life Center are conducted with your community but each individual’s experience is unique to them.

*UPDATE 9/6/2021: Sweat Lodge at ILC is temporarily suspended.