patient with notebook journaling

The journey of recovery has many aspects to it. One of the most powerful aspects is the opportunity to develop a self-reflection journaling practice that allows us to recapitulate our day, one day at a time, through a journaling process. This is what is at the heart of Integrative Life Center’s self reflection therapy program.

As we develop this daily practice, we come to see how we live, think, react, act, judge, choose, in the day to day interactions of our life. This practice is carried out by NOT JUDGING THE REFLECTIONS WE REVIEW at the end of each day. By shifting our relationship to self and the world from one of automatic judgment and reaction to an awareness of cause and effect. Ultimately the choice to indulge or not in our ingrained patterns of reaction we take back our power and peace of mind.

This is part mindfulness, part awareness practice, part discipline to follow through every day for an extended period of time, leading to the realization that we have a choice in how we respond to those day to day interactions that can be a cause for self-judgment and dis-ease. Recovery can be viewed as a journey of recovering our freedom from all those patterns that now challenge our health, wellness, and peace of mind. A dedicated journaling practice gives us a mirror for life on Life’s terms.