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7 Triggers of Trauma and How to Heal Them

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Emotional trauma can impact your life in very tangible ways. It may cause shaking, freezing, pulling away, lashing out, withdrawing, and substance abuse.  In many cases, the reaction is automatic. So you may feel out of control. But when you recognize triggers of trauma, you can begin to identify the trauma that causes that trigger and start to heal it.

As trauma heals, triggers lose their power over you. Do you experience any of these common ones?

Being Touched

Do you jump or experience fear when touched? This could suggest an underlying trauma to look into. Human contact is vital for positive mental health, and this often includes physical touch. Thus, when someone recoils from casual contact, this can portend an issue.


Does being criticized, even in a nice way, bring about fight, freeze, or flight feelings? You might also go into a shame spiral. This is when negative self-talk about your self worth begins taking over your thoughts, dragging you down.

These are common triggers of trauma.

Being Overwhelmed

Does having too much on your plate bring you significant worry? It might even lead you down the path of overeating or using substances to get rid of the feeling.

Talking About Money

If you’re currently facing financial hardship or have before, this can become a trauma. Then talking about money may cause painful feelings. But the truth is, if you are facing financial hardship, you need to speak about it to start improving your situation.

Your body creates triggers to protect you. But often they hold you back for living a quality life.

Being Alone or Someone Leaving You

Being alone or fearful of someone leaving you can trigger abandonment trauma. When you were a child, if your parent or guardian abandoned you or neglected you, you may have felt like you were going to die. As an adult, you may be reliving these feelings.

People Arguing

If you get incredibly uncomfortable around people arguing, you may have trauma you need to heal.  You may have experienced or witnessed physical violence or emotional abuse during an argument.

Terrible News

If you feel sad, angry, or scared when you see certain types of things on social media or the news, this can be a sign of personal trauma. It may also suggest that you’re focusing so much on negativity in the world to the point that you can’t see things to be grateful for.

Healing Triggers of Trauma

These are only examples. The trauma behind that trigger may vary by individuals. But the first step is to recognize that these triggers do exist. And they do impact people who have them. Once you identify them, you can begin healing them.

The Integrative Life Center in Nashville understands the power trauma can have over your life. We also know how it can contribute to mental health challenges and addiction.

We combine evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy with integrative healing techniques like yoga and adventure therapy to support your healing in a variety of programs like:

Are triggers of trauma controlling your thoughts and actions? When you heal the trauma, the trigger loses its power. We encourage you to give us a call at [Direct] to begin that healing process.

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