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Massage And Body Work

patient getting massage

The approach to massage and body work at Integrative Life Center is to move an individual towards balance – body, mind, and spirit. Often, individuals working through recovery for substance use disorder carry stress in their muscles. Their body as a whole has built up toxins and developed harmful habits of movement. It is the goal of our massage therapy program and your body work therapist to use intuition, insight and unique perspective to guide you in uncovering your own story – helping your body align with the way your soul desires it to.

Massage and body work can be therapeutic with the goal of rest and relaxation, focused around your specific structural issues, gentle and stretching and spiritually aligning. In a recovery environment, stress and tension tend to rise to the surface, suppressing serotonin and dopamine levels and creating hormonal imbalances in the body. Massage and body work help to counteract this occurrence by raising endorphins and establishing balance in hormonal levels so the body can begin to naturally produce these essential pathways on its own.

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