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Research shows that active substance use disorders, eating disorders, and mood disorders have a direct impact on the brain and other organs. Often, medical services must be provided. When an individual struggles with any of these disorders, self-care is usually the first sacrifice. Mood disorders can lead individuals to disregard their body’s nutritional needs. It is very common for those in the throes of substance use disorder to allow their health to deteriorate as they focus solely on acquiring and using drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, individuals with these disorders often put themselves in high-risk situations endangering and worsening their overall health.

Many adults have deficits in vital nutrients important for optimal brain function and healing when they come to treatment so are in need of medical services. Clients in need of recovery services are more susceptible to significant deficits that impair their “control panel” (brain) from operating their “machine” (body) in a healthy way. Because your brain and body are as unique as your treatment plan here at Integrative Life Center, we treat both. Therefore, it is crucial that the onset of treatment includes a comprehensive medical assessment to determine your individual recovery roadmap from a medical perspective. We tailor ongoing assessment and medical interventions to your needs. They assist in allowing you to get the most out of the array of clinical services during your stay.


  • Nurse Practitioner/MD visits
  • Initial and ongoing lab work
  • Routine meetings with nursing staff
  • Nursing educational groups
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Dietitian and nutritional counseling
  • Massage therapy that includes body work
  • Acupuncture
  • Prescription medication

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