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Relational Cultural Therapy

Growth Through Connection

See Value in Your Relationships

Understand How Your Ways of Relating Affect You

Confront Societal Oppression and Marginalization

A Humanistic, Connective Therapy

You want to understand how your life is affected by your relationships. Maybe you’ve experienced hardships in your relationship with your parents or caregivers or dealt with abuse in romantic relationships. How can you make sense of what happened to you? How can you rebuild trust?

Relational Cultural Therapy relies on the idea that humans grow through their experiences within relationships, including romantic, familial, work, and society as a whole — even your relationship with yourself.

Relational Cultural therapists help you understand how disconnection can lead to suffering and help you make sense of the larger cultural connections and disconnections that occur in society and how that affects you as an individual.

Relational Cultural Therapy can help people dealing with trauma:

  • Understand how the significant relationships in their lives have shaped who they are today, how they function, and how they can improve their functioning
  • Examine and dismantle oppression and marginalization through education and the understanding that all relationships exist within a larger societal structure that they can’t untangle from
  • Grow through connection with yourself, your therapist, and others

Understand How You Can Continue to Grow and Heal

Integrative Life Center offers many tools for people looking to heal from trauma, substance use disorders, and mental health disorders. Individual therapy is a core component of a treatment plan at ILC, and one option for a therapeutic modality is Relational Cultural Therapy (RCT). RCT encourages empathy, connection, growth, and mutuality. This type of therapy can be helpful for people who are on their healing path after trauma or substance use, or who simply want to understand themselves more deeply.

RCT doesn’t require that you have perfectly healthy relationships. Instead, it emphasizes that humans are imperfect and have disagreements, get hurt, and make mistakes. Each person in a relationship can be hurt, and societal structures contribute to inequities and individual experiences of oppression and marginalization. But, through honesty, kindness, love, and connection, people can grow through relationships even after they’re hurt.

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Integrative Life Center focuses on individualized, trauma-informed treatment. We recognize that each person is unique, meaning their healing process will be too. ILC employs rigorously-trained professionals ready to help you make a treatment plan that works for your life and goals. Therapists with experience in Relational Cultural Therapy are ready to assist you along your healing path at ILC.

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