The relationship we have with our bodies is deeply personal. A negative concept of body image and preoccupation with food may cause you to spiral into a disordered eating pattern.

We can help you work through the disordered eating treatment program and:

  • Eliminate negative self-talk and low self-esteem,
  • Reevaluate your relationship and habits around food and exercise, and
  • Avoid extreme or fad diets.

Integrative Life Center offers holistic treatment that allows individuals to start the path to healing their relationship with eating habits, body image, and overall physical wellbeing.

man explaining to group in disordered eating treatment programDisordered Eating or Eating Disorder

You may be familiar with the four primary eating disorder diagnoses: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and eating disorder otherwise not specified.

But disordered eating is not synonymous with an eating disorder. The difference between disordered eating and eating disorders is in the details.

  • Eating disorders often show specific and measurable symptoms. These symptoms aid mental health professionals in their diagnosis.
  • Disordered eating shows a broader range of habits and emotional behaviors with food, diet, and exercise. On paper, these behaviors can look pretty tame, but they are fueled by significant internal distress and rules.
  • You also may feel guilt, shame, or defeat if you miss a workout, eat from a ‘bad’ food group, or binge eat.

It’s important to recognize that disordered eating habits do not always align with symptoms of an eating disorder.

Disordered Eating Treatment Program: A Path Forward

Integrative Life Center provides high-quality and individualized disordered eating treatment programs. Treating disordered eating is highly specific. Along with a personalized plan, you can expect the assistance of a medical professional, counselor, and a registered dietitian.

Our disordered eating treatment program focuses on three components:

  • Nutrition therapy to reestablish appropriate food intake and eating patterns
  • Individual and group psychotherapy to address the underlying causes of disordered eating behaviors
  • Housing support to provide you with a safe place to engage with food again

As part of our disordered eating treatment program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid Fad Diets & Diet Culture. Western culture perpetuates diet culture in outright and subtle ways. You’ll learn how to avoid fad diets and diet culture and, instead, discover appropriate and intuitive nutrition plans.
  • Find Balance. Disordered eating is characterized by extreme exercise and eating habits. During your time at Integrative Life Center, you’ll learn how to balance exercise, activity, and nutrition.
  • Eliminate Negativity. The way you speak to yourself matters. You must overcome negative self-talk and negative self-image to recover from disordered eating fully.

Healing Foods Program

Integrative Life Center offers a Healing Foods program rooted in optimal nutrition and meal planning for clients. The program allows clients to receive well-balanced and nutritious meals to aid in the mental health recovery of disordered eating or an eating disorder.

Benefits of the program include:

  • A full nutrition assessment at admission
  • Access to individual nutrition support
  • Healing of the fear, rigidity, or chaos around relationships with food
  • A renewed outlook and plan for overall physical well-being

What to Expect: Trauma-Focused Care & A Heart-Centered Approach

The trauma-focused treatment at Integrative Life Center addresses any underlying trauma that may affect decision-making or reliance on coping behaviors like disordered eating.

As an organization, we believe Integrative Life Center cannot be trauma-focused without simultaneously being heart-centered.

Counselors and staff take a heart-centered approach to your healing at ILC. Disordered eating may have left you feeling confused and separated from who you are, and that’s ok. The purpose of a treatment plan is to hold space with compassion and kindness and help you get back to caring for your body.

Customized Care

Integrative Life Center takes a collaborative approach to get you on the road to becoming emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy. Part of your customized treatment plan is access to a team of professionals to guide you on the path to recovery.

Your collaborative team can include:

  • Licensed medical, clinical, and therapeutic specialists
  • Holistic healers
  • Psychiatrists and therapists
  • Spiritual counselors