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Professionals Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can bill a person’s in-network insurance benefits. At ILC Nashville, we work with most insurances on an out-of-network basis.

We offer a truly integrated approach to treatment, meeting people where they are. Diagnoses are helpful to insurance, but we look beyond that and help a person find their authentic self. We use a combination of experiential therapies combined with therapeutic modalities that best meet the needs of the client.

As you can imagine, our admissions are always in flux. The easiest and quickest way to know our availability is to talk to one of our Admissions Specialists or your designated Clinical Resource Advisor.

The cost of treatment varies not only program-to-program but person-to-person due to our unique Financial Philosophy and our ability to work with insurance on both an in and out-of-network basis. The best way to determine how much it would cost a person to admit into one of our programs is to have our Admissions team run a verification of benefits. We do our best to remove financial barriers whenever possible

We provide treatment across all levels of care. Our residential programs are 4 weeks long with the option of extending care to our PHP and IOP programs. Our average length of stay is 55 days. 

We are 12-step friendly and introduce clients to many 12-step programs while in treatment at ILC. The bulk of our programming is more clinical and experiential.

We have a number of modalities that we use, which you can find under Treatment Modalities, and each client has a personalized treatment plan. We combine traditional counseling modalities with IFS, Brainspotting, EMDR, Experiential, and Somatic therapies.

We value our referring professionals and communication protocols are in place. We work to obtain ROIs from the admitting client and an Admissions Specialist will reach out to let you know the client has arrived. Within the next 3 days, you will hear from the clinical team. At that point, you and the clinical team decide on when and how much information you receive moving forward. Your Clinical Resource Advisor checks in with you around Day 3 to confirm you have heard from the clinical team, again when an aftercare is in place, and lastly one week after discharge.

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