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Tara Young

Senior Director of Marketing

Tara Young is an experienced marketing leader having built a career across multiple industries including healthcare, IT and hospitality for over a decade. She started as a marketing coordinator for a small IT firm on the heels of graduation from Baylor University and now leads the marketing initiatives for ILC’s parent company, Integrative Life Network and its growing family of programs.

Tara’s professional skills span both traditional and digital marketing, with expertise in branding, graphic design, writing, digital campaigns, content creation, email marketing and special events. After several years in the corporate world, Tara started her own freelance marketing business on the side working with clients in the field of chiropractic and functional medicine. Through this experience, she gained an appreciation for the whole-body connection that is at the heart of programming at Integrative Life Network, and for the value of treating the root cause of a condition, rather than the symptoms. She joined the ILC family in 2019.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Tara is a former competitive dancer, choreographer, and performer. She now brings her two passions of dance and mental health together by leading dance groups for ILC clients as well as private classes in Nashville and surrounding areas. Her groups are heart-centered, approachable, free from judgment, and “anti-perfectionist” – pretty much the opposite of the experience she had with the sport growing up. She now gets to bring the art of dance to those who may use it as a way of grounding, reconnecting with their bodies, and tapping into vulnerability. Tara is also trained in Kali Connection Therapy – a somatic, trauma-informed modality that incorporates Filipino martial arts movement and exercises to help process and release trauma from the body.