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Greg Kfoury

Chief Revenue Officer

Greg Kfoury is the friendly face (and voice) a potential client encounters upon their initial contact with Integrative Life Center. Greg has played an integral role on the ILC leadership team having worked in business development, operations and directing our Alumni Services, and is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to this vital role at the organization. His business acumen combined with a passion for behavioral health and intimate knowledge of ILC’s programs keep the admissions department running on all cylinders, ready to serve incoming clients and industry referents.

A native of Northern Virginia, Greg is a graduate of the University of Richmond and is a former high school Latin teacher. He gained business experience working in commercial real estate and project management and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in psychology from the Harvard University Extension School.

Greg is an alumnus of Integrative Life Center where he discovered, and embraced, the integrative approach to treatment. For Greg, that included active 12-step program participation and Refuge Recovery.

Away from work, Greg loves playing sports, especially hockey and volleyball. He tries never to miss sober game night with friends!