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Carmen Dominguez, LMHC

Chief Clinical Advisor

Carmen has been a psychotherapist and consultant for the past 30 years. She draws on her innate intuitive abilities as well as her traditional training to bring guidance and transformation to her clients. She is able to integrate Toltec wisdom and ancient healing principles to understand how the mind gets programmed into performing self-defeating thinking patterns and behaviors, and guides clients on the path of self-mastery. She also works collaboratively at times with talented colleagues to enhance her client’s mental wellbeing. She understands that when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony and alignment, her clients can reach their life goals. She has specialized in working with individuals, families, and couples who have experienced trauma, addictions, and an array other mental health issues. She perceives a person’s healing as a creative process that is best achieved when drawn from many modalities to support optimal wellness.​

Carmen has been an adjunct professor at Lesley university since 1999. She developed and continues to teach Treating the Addictions. She also regularly teaches Clinical Skills, Culture & Identity, and Children and Adolescent Psychopathology. Carmen completed an intensive family therapy training at the former Cambridge Family Institute. She is well-versed in Post Induction Therapy where she was instructed at The Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ by Pia Mellody, author of Facing Codependency and other books. Carmen was a supervisor of a SAMSA research project for the prevention of adolescent substance abuse. She has presented adolescent harm reduction research at Harvard University. Throughout her years in practice, she has developed and facilitated substance abuse programs throughout the Boston area and Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Carmen has studied with astrology scholars and authors, Heather Ensworth, Ph.D. and Joseph Crane, M.A., and she offers natal chart readings when appropriate and indicated for greater personal insight. Carmen is also trained in compassion mediation for couples. She is a yoga teacher, reiki master, and facilitator of Dr. Sue Morter’s The Energy Codes. She has facilitated Psychotherapeutic Reiki, Beyond 12 Step Recovery groups, and shamanic healing over the past several years. She combines ancient healing practices with contemporary research-based therapeutic techniques.