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Substance Use

man listening to what is dual diagnosis treatment being explained

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Nearly one-third of individuals with mental illnesses and almost one-half of those with severe mental illnesses also suffer from co-existing problems with addiction or substance abuse. Likewise, more than one-third

hands holding hands in relapse prevention

Relapse Prevention

Addiction is a terrible disease that can impact all aspects of a person’s life, including the lives of friends and family. With the right tools, however, anyone can overcome addiction

addiction in dictionary substance abuse treatment Nashville TN

Substance Abuse Treatment in Nashville

Drug addiction and substance abuse is an illness that is mired in complexity. Driven by uncontrollable drug cravings and drug-seeking behaviors, drug addicts and substance abusers often exhibit compulsive behaviors.

man sitting on couch in the dark needing alcohol addiction treatment Nashville TN

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When it comes to overcoming an addiction to alcohol, there are many ways to stop drinking and get started on the path to recovery. While the goal for any alcohol

stone stairs representing 12 step practices

12 Step Practices

There are numerous ways to treat substance abuse and mental health issues. However, one of the most common and routinely successful are 12 Step practices. In addition to the more

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Nashville Symptoms & Options

Why might I need to think about Alcohol Addiction Treatment Nashville Tenn? Before seeking alcohol addiction treatment Nashville you must accept and understand what alcohol addiction is. Admitting you or

woman using breathwork in addiction recovery

Breathwork in Addiction Recovery

Many people who suffer from substance use disorder first became involved with drugs or alcohol because they were trying to ease the pain of uncomfortable situations or memories. They could

woman glaring at broccoli drug abuse and eating disorders

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Eating Disorders

When you suffer from substance abuse and a co-occurring condition such as an eating disorder, you need treatment for dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis treats both issues simultaneously, helping you achieve

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