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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Overcome this debilitating and highly addictive drug at our heroin addiction treatment center in Nashville, TN.

A Deadly Drug that Quickly Takes Hold of Your Life

Often the cheaper alternative to prescription opioids, heroin is an illegal, fast-acting opioid drug derived from morphine. Not only is it highly dangerous for the user, it can make a profound societal impact on communities as well. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, over 900,000 Americans use heroin each year, leading to 14,000 deaths annually from the drug. 

Taken by smoking, snorting, or injection, heroin can lead to addiction even after using it just a few times. Not only does heroin addiction put you at high risk of overdose and death, you’re also susceptible to contracting infectious diseases. But with holistic treatment for heroin addiction, you can break free from the drug’s claim over your life.  

man lying on floor addicted to heroin

Achieve Lasting Recovery with Comprehensive Heroin Addiction Rehab

Understanding Heroin Addiction

Heroin stimulates the reward system in your brain by releasing dopamine, leading to a simulating rush of euphoria and good feelings, as well as pain reduction and drowsiness. As a result, using heroin becomes a habit that’s hard to stop, leading to addiction. However, once addicted, your body builds up a tolerance to it. That means you require more heroin to achieve the same effects you once had. However, if you try to break away from this slippery slope, the withdrawal symptoms you can experience while abstaining from heroin are often intense, painful, and dangerous. Sadly, this only causes many to continue their heroin use.

Signs You May Need Heroin Addiction Treatment

If you’re using heroin, there’s a good chance you’re already addicted. That means you’re putting yourself at further risk of an overdose as you increase your usage. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, consider partnering with a heroin addiction treatment center before it’s too late:

Heroin Addiction Symptoms

Long-Term Consequences of Heroin Use

With Heroin Addiction Treatment, It’s Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Life

woman in music therapy for heroin addiction treatment

What to Expect: Treatment for Heroin Addiction at Integrative Life Center

When you have an addiction to heroin, the drug essentially controls your life—you simply can’t function without it. But by partnering with Integrative Life Center’s trauma-informed care, you can overcome your addiction and restore your life. 

Our heroin addiction treatment program takes a comprehensive approach to recovery. That means we treat the underlying causes of your addiction, as well as any co-occurring disorders you may be experiencing (such as anxiety or depression). Personalizing our treatment to meet your unique recovery needs, we incorporate a variety of therapies to help you achieve long-term sobriety, including: 

Ready to Finally Get Sober? Long-Term Healing Awaits at Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

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