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Disclosure Coaching

Many things will challenge your relationship, some more seriously than others. When trauma, intimacy disorders, addictions, or other mental health issues become part of your journey as a couple, you may need to partner with a recovery professional to get your relationship back on track and moving in the right direction.

Trauma and addiction can leave you feeling hurt, betrayed, and unwanted. You can feel alone, even as part of a unit. Treatment and partner support counseling can launch your individual healing, but what about your relationship?

After you determine that you want to move forward in healing together, it’s time to make sure there are no secrets left between you so you can rebuild your relationship on a solid foundation.

A Full Therapeutic Disclosure ensures you’re united in creating a trustworthy, safe relationship. The purpose of disclosure is to build a foundation of truth and a renewed commitment to transparency. It can begin by having the individual who engaged in compulsive sexual and relational behaviors being fully honest about past behaviors in a way that is appropriate and safe. It’s about pulling out the weeds of dishonesty so that a different kind of relationship can now grow. Your relationship can be one of trust and honesty because of a changed pattern of behavior resulting from treatment.

After a Full Therapeutic Disclosure and Intensive, you leave:

  • Feeling your relationship is on more solid ground
  • Able to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level as a couple
  • Committed to moving forward together in a safer relationship
  • Working toward developing full knowledge of the past and having no more secrets in your relationship
  • Fully understanding and agreeing on the boundaries and behaviors expected in your future together
  • Informed on what it will take as a couple to stay in recovery and do the work

Disclosure Coaching at Integrative Life Center

Your relationship is worth fighting for if both partners agree to create an honest, safe future together. Our team can help you build this foundation through our disclosure coaching program.

The eight-week (additional weeks are available as necessary) program will prepare you to disclose everything your partner needs to know about your addictive behaviors or other mental health issues, then help you through the actual process of delivering your disclosure. The overall program creates a safe space to help you be open and honest with each other with the support of mental health professionals.

The disclosure coaching program consists of individual and couple sessions to discuss issues, including:

  • An understanding of the disclosure process and why it’s worthwhile for your relationship
  • Goal setting for disclosure and confirmation of willingness and commitment to the process
  • Sobriety check-ins for those with addiction
  • Learning about stressors and other factors that impact disclosure
  • Work on setting and understanding boundaries
  • Psychoeducation on trauma, the nervous system, and attachment to help you understand the issues that led to this point
  • Training on how to regulate and ground your emotions
  • Complete preparation for disclosure and support through that process

The disclosure coaching program is ideal for alumni of Integrative Life Center’s 28-day Men’s Residential Intimacy Disorders Program and their partners who have participated in the virtual Partner Support Program. We will also consider clients who haven’t participated in those programs, but have previously engaged in trauma-focused treatment or counseling.

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Integrative Life Center focuses on individualized, trauma-informed treatment. We recognize that each person and couple are unique, which means their healing process will be too. ILC’s clinicians and specially trained coaches are ready to help with your disclosure coaching and process. We will walk with you each step of the way through disclosure to help lay the foundation for a trust-based relationship you can rely on.

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