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Free TINSA® Training

Integrative Life Center’s new men’s residential program for Intimacy Disorders and Sexual Addiction opens in Nashville, Tennessee on March 22nd. For the program opening we are unlocking Dr. Michael Barta’s exclusive TINSA® training for FREE for a limited time only. Access the training below (regularly $15) until March 22nd.

We are actively accepting clients into this brand new program that uses the revolutionary TINSA® model to treat sexual addiction and attachment wounding through a neurobiological perspective. The program includes a virtual Partner Support Program for betrayed partners of the men in treatment at no additional cost.

For more information or admissions questions, please call 615-891-2226 ext. 2 to speak to a member of our team directly or email

This Offer Expires on March 22, 2021!

*Viewers are not eligible to receive CE’s or certificates of completion for this recorded training per the accrediting guidelines.


Download the Video Here