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Integrative Life Center (ILC) offers a continuum of care to support your recovery every step of the way with a comprehensive treatment program. Whether you or a loved one are suffering with alcohol or drug dependence, facing challenges around food, struggling with anxiety or depression or healing from any other painful experience,you can find healing at the integrative Life Center.


We believe recovery can transform your life.
The Integrative Life Center (ILC) is a treatment program designed to help individuals suffering from addictions, eating disorders and other life situations that have gotten in the way of living a satisfying and meaningful life. We treat the whole person—body mind and spirit. We believe the human spirit naturally seeks wholeness and in that quest we often look outside ourselves for what we think is missing.


Traveling the recovery road at ILC is a process of self-exploration-connecting you to the real person inside of you—the one you may have left behind when addiction took over. Healing involves the whole self – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of you.

Like the image of a medicine wheel, each quadrant of the circle is an aspect of the whole. Like any other wheel, it’s a much smoother ride when you’re balanced.


Spirituality is about living an authentic life – a key part of transformational recovery. We believe in the power of mindfulness and meditation in the process of coming to self-awareness. Mindfulness and meditation calm the mind and create the space for communicating with the God of your understanding – the source of authenticity. We don’t promote any one approach to spirituality.


Take a tour of our facilities and the surrounding Nashville area. Whether you are in need of help or are a family member seeking help for a loved one, this could be the first step toward transforming your life. If you would like to talk to an admissions counselor to get more information, please call us at 877-334-6958. Admissions inquiries and intakes are conducted with respect and confidentiality.


Gender Specific Programs

In the past, the difference between men and women’s needs have not been fully recognized or included in treatment programming. We’re changing that paradigm. It’s now known that chemical dependency and addiction affect men and women differently. For example, women cross the line from heavy use to addiction quicker than men. Once they cross the line the disease progresses faster and does more damage.

Upcoming Events

It is the mission of Integrative Life Center to keep professionals up to date with our series of educational seminars where information is shared about new treatments, cutting edge research and many other interesting and sometimes thought-provoking subjects. Contact us to join our event mailing list and Click Here for Upcoming Events!

Full Continuum of Care

Means we customize an integrated recovery plan to meet you where you are. No matter the addiction or disorder, Integrative Life Center has a program to fit your needs from start all the way through the process to successful transition.

Payment Options

There are several ways to pay for treatment: Self-payment, Insurance Benefits and Employee Assistance Program benefits from your employer. ILC will contact your insurance carrier to verify benefits, pre-certify your treatment and continue to communicate with your care manager throughout the course of treatment.

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Intensive Outpatient

One of our services includes intensive treatment  for substance abuse. At the Integrative Life Center this is an intensive program designed for individuals who are or have been abusing substances, are medically and psychiatricaly stable and do not require detoxification. A therapist or other health care professional may refer an individual to ILC. While the health care professional may make the first call, it is advisable that the individual requesting services also talk to an admissions counselor so that we may get additional personal information. There are several admission requirements that we would like to review with you so please give us a call or read more.

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If you would like to talk to an admissions counselor to get more information, please call us at 877-334-6958. Admissions inquiries and intakes are conducted with respect for confidentiality and privacy.

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