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Video: Family and Divorce Mediation With Mary Sanger

Family and Divorce Mediation

with Mary Sanger 

As a marriage and family therapist Mary has seen time and time again that when a couple decides to divorce using the traditional divorce process it often harms families for years to come. By becoming certified in family law mediation Mary has been able to provide couples who have decided to divorce a process that will allow them to transition with minimal residual damage, both emotionally and financially.

Collaborative divorce is a process for divorcing couples in which both spouses and their attorneys work towards settling disputes out of court. All parties need to commit using interest-based negotiation to settle the divorce. It is a constructive process that minimizes legal disputes.


Mary Sanger

Mary started out in the business world. Twenty years later she returned to school and obtained a Master of Arts in Counseling from Argosy University Dallas in 2007. Utilizing both her business development and psychotherapeutic skills, she founded Insights Collaborative Therapy Group in 2011.

Mary’s theoretical orientation is based on Bowen Family Systems Theory and the work of Dr. David Schnarch. Both are centered around the concept of differentiation – a person’s ability to maintain a sense of self while in an emotionally and physically close relationship with another, balancing the need for attachment with the need for autonomy. Managing our own emotions and intellect allows us to more fully enjoy our own lives as well as engage in more meaningful, less conflicted relationships.

Mary is a clinical member of the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the Texas Counseling Association, the Dallas Metro Association for Counseling, and a member of Relational Therapists of Dallas. She is also the author of Ready to Talk: A Companion Guide to Psychotherapy.

You can find Mary at Insights Therapy and Dallas Family and Divorce Mediation Services.


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