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Video: An Introduction to SoulCollage® with Judy Heidrich


Presented by: Judy Heidrich, LMHC

Cory Miller interviewed Judy Heidrich about the SoulCollage® method. It’s an intuitive, creative and deep healing modality that could be used both personally and professionally. For those clinicians who are not trained as SoulCollage® Facilitators, SoulCollage® can be a personal tool of support for self care. SoulCollage® supports the provider/health professional by offering easily accessible, creative, profound tools for the following purposes:

  • Increase self-knowledge, self-confidence
  • Deepen the relationship with the self and inner parts
  • Promote self-expression through creativity, imagination, and intuition
  • Self-directed review of attitudes, needs, and decisions
  • Process any vicarious traumatization
  • Personal care in regard to grief, illness, death, losses, and life changes of all kinds
  • Improve and clarify communication in personal and professional life

About Judy Heidrich

“My love of photography, shapes, letters and images ultimately led me down the path to SoulCollage®. I am a great lover of the creative process and a photographer who loves the power & story of images, which is of course why I fell in love with SoulCollage® in the first place!

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, SoulCollage® Facilitator and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. I specialize in trauma resolution and psychospiritual transformation via integrated mind/body modalities and approaches.

I became a SoulCollage® Facilitator in 2012 and have been facilitating public and private SoulCollage® groups and workshops in Florida and Kentucky. For 4 1/2 years I facilitated bi weekly therapeutic SoulCollage® groups at a male exclusive trauma/addiction treatment center in Delray, Florida.

I have a diverse business administration and mental health background which I have used collaboratively through the years in both my creative and clinical practices. I have been in my private clinical psychotherapy practice since 1995. My clinical background includes work with at risk adolescent girls, substance abuse & chemical dependency, trauma, maternal addiction and Hospice. Prior to my clinical therapeutic experience I did administrative work in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida and New York City.”

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