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Video: How to Conduct a Medicine Bags Practice

Spirit Recovery Medicine Bags: How to Facilitate

Who or what are your support systems in your life?

Those support connections, whatever or whomever they may be – faith; relatives; sponsor; spouse; friend; mentor; program; community – are relationships that hold us and raise us up. A Medicine Bag practice uses a tangible object to help us understand these connections and their relationship to our heart and spirit self.

The medicine bag is simple in form and runs deep in connectedness. Through an introspective meditation process, participants identify those 4-6 fundamental relationships that are your soul connections. The ones that support your healing and recovery work. Each token, stone or crystal represents one unique relationship. As you work through a Medicine Bag practice you will seek clarity and wisdom on those relationships, understanding of how they are or aren’t serving you, and what might need to be said or done in taking 100% responsibility for your role of them.

It’s a gift to have tools we can draw upon that will serve us on life’s journey. The Medicine Bag practice one such tool developed over the course of 20 years working with people who are dedicated to recreating and strengthening the relationship to their lives.

In the video below, ILC co-founder Lee McCormick walks through how to facilitate your own Medicine Bag practice step-by-step. We hope you’ll lean in to this meditation with a specific focus for your own mental wellness and in your client practices.

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