Seeking Anxiety Treatment

woman on couch getting anxiety treatment

Everyone encounters moments of anxiety. Your nerves are in overdrive before a big presentation. You’re doubtful that the cutie you have your eye on will say “yes” to a date. […]

Video: How to Conduct a Medicine Bags Practice

Spirit Recovery Medicine Bags: How to Facilitate Who or what are your support systems in your life? Those support connections, whatever or whomever they may be – faith; relatives; sponsor; […]

Video: A Conversation About Race and Trauma

An Honest Conversation About Race and Trauma As our world awakens from its slumber to the truth of injustice, personal and systemic racism, mental and behavioral health practitioners have the […]

Body-Centered Therapy in Nashville

woman doing yoga as part of what is body centered therapy

Imagine loving yourself and feeling comfortable again in your body. Isn’t it time? Often, individuals don’t consider how they relate to their bodies as a source of their mental health […]

Video: Treatment Trends and Themes for 2020

themes and trends in addiction treatment

Top Trends We’re Seeing in the Treatment Industry in 2020 In this conversation, treatment industry veteran Dr. Sherry Young, CSAT, shares the changes, challenges, and opportunities she’s seeing amidst the […]

Healing and Recovery: It’s a Matter of the Heart

three women walking outside experiencing healing and recovery

Emmanuel Dagher once said, “Healing is less about “saving” or “fixing” and more about “allowing” ourselves to ease into the remembering that there’s a wholeness that has been there all […]

Depression Treatment

woman emotionally struggling needing depression treatment

COVID-19 has the world turned inside out. People are facing a loss of income from jobs that have to be closed and medical bills that they don’t know if they […]