Video: Healing Foods and Eating for Your Immunity

Healing Foods

Mee McCormick is a chef, rancher, organic farmer, restauranteur, community builder, mother, wife, author and autoimmune warrior. In this webinar Mee gets candid about how to cook and eat for your […]

Deciding on Eating Disorder Treatment Nashville

two women smiling deciding on eating disorder treatment Nashville

Eating disorders are serious health conditions that require professional medical and psychological care in order to recover from successfully. Individuals with disrupted eating habits often suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and […]

Eating for Your Microbiome

woman smiling while eating for your microbiome

Every human being is home both internally and externally to trillions of microbes. These microscopic creatures make up an individual’s microbiome and live in a mutually beneficial balance with us—this […]

Microbiome and Mental Health

woman smiling drinking tea understanding microbiome and mental health

While many realize healthy eating can improve physical health, many fail to understand just how important nutrition affects mental health. Recently, researchers and scientists have discovered numerous benefits in managing […]