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Seeking Anxiety Treatment

woman on couch getting anxiety treatment

Everyone encounters moments of anxiety. Your nerves are in overdrive before a big presentation. You’re doubtful that the cutie you have your eye on will say “yes” to a date. […]

Is The Pandemic Impacting Your Eating Disorder?

woman looking out window struggling with her eating disorder during the covid-19 pandemic

If you have an eating disorder, the COVID-19 pandemic may trigger your condition due to the incredible stress associated with the coronavirus lockdown. At the Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN, […]

COVID-19 and Treatment: How It’s Working

COVID-19 Testing

In times of great challenges we are offered a deeper understanding of the true depth and importance of our choices. As healthcare professionals, the ILC team has graciously held tension […]

Video: Treatment Trends and Themes for 2020

themes and trends in addiction treatment

Top Trends We’re Seeing in the Treatment Industry in 2020 In this conversation, treatment industry veteran Dr. Sherry Young, CSAT, shares the changes, challenges, and opportunities she’s seeing amidst the […]

Addiction and Your Physical Health

individual rubbing neck dealing with addiction and your physical health

COVID-19 attacks everyone but it hits those with compromised immune systems and the elderly the hardest. When it comes to addiction and your physical health, you can be classified as […]

Depression Treatment

woman emotionally struggling needing depression treatment

COVID-19 has the world turned inside out. People are facing a loss of income from jobs that have to be closed and medical bills that they don’t know if they […]

A Note from our Co-Founder

Lee McCormick on taking action in the face of COVID-19

Greetings from all of us here at ILC to all of our friends and colleagues. There is a great cloud over our collective humanity right now. Thus, this is a […]