What is Meditation?

hands in yoga pose showing what is meditation

Sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat and humming “Om” with your eyes closed may not be your cup of tea. But stereotypical images may come to mind when you ask, […]

Do I Have Co-Occurring Disorders?

patient getting answer to question do I have co-occurring disorders

If you drink wine every evening to combat the depression you feel throughout the day, you may wonder, “Do I have co-occurring disorders?” And it’s possible you do. About 45% […]

5 Effective Strategies to Stop Addictive Behaviors

stop addictive behaviors

At best, addictive behaviors may be annoying to you or others. Nail-biting, for example. But when they’re at their worst, they can destroy health, happiness, finances, and friendships. Substance abuse, […]

What Is Psychotherapy for Addiction Treatment?

therapist explaining what is psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy? You may be unfamiliar with the term. But chances are you’ve seen it before. You’ve undoubtedly watched images of a person in a chair on a couch talking […]

What Is EMDR & How Does It Support Recovery?

woman sitting with therapist going over what is emdr

Everyone has experienced some level of trauma in their lives. And not unlike falling from a bicycle when you were ten, trauma can leave scars. Even though these scars are […]

Do You Have a Loved One With Addiction?

couple on couch dealing with loved one with addiction

If you’re facing the truth that you have a loved one with addiction, it can be an upsetting and difficult time. But you don’t have to let it become any […]

The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

silhouette of woman dealing with childhood trauma and addiction

If you’ve struggled with trauma in your childhood and you find that you have addiction issues as an adult, there’s a link that’s important to acknowledge. Childhood trauma and addiction […]

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

silhouette of woman watching sunset at evidence based addiction treatment Nashville TN

You may ask yourself, ‘What is Addiction?’ The answer isn’t simple or direct. Instead, addiction comes in many shapes and forms. It can include substance-related addictions like drugs and alcohol. […]