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Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19

Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19

Reaching out for help can be a difficult decision. Choosing to seek residential treatment during COVID-19, a massive public health crisis where you may feel your health is at risk, can be even more challenging. But it isn’t a decision you should be afraid to make. 

Treatment centers have implemented strict screening, cleaning, and safety protocols in response to coronavirus and continue to operate high-quality programs that allow individuals to progress in their recovery. 

If residential treatment is something you’re considering, don’t let COVID-19 deter you from beginning your recovery journey. 

Residential treatment programs can be safer than a person’s home since the programs are required to develop preventative safety procedures, said Greg Kfoury, Vice President of Admissions at Integrative Life Network.

What to Look for When Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19

Regardless of whether Omicron is surging or the pandemic is long ago, you should always research treatment facilities to determine the best fit. You want to select a facility that will help you achieve your goals and use treatments, therapies, and methods that best align with your outlook.

Areas to research before selecting a treatment facility:

  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols. Discuss with the facility how they keep you, other patients, and their staff safe through cleaning, screening, and testing. 
  • Available Treatment Options. Determine if the facility has space for you to enroll and learn about the different types of treatment offered. 
  • Effective Treatment Options. Evaluate whether mental health professionals regard the available treatments as safe and effective. 
  • Research the Program. Comprehend the program’s offerings and goals and determine how they align with your personal goals. 
  • Read Reviews. Scour the internet for reviews from prior patients and their families. Look on community message boards for recommendations. Seek opinions from your physician, therapist, or other professionals who may have insight. 
  • Talk to the Staff. Ask to speak with more than just admissions staff to get a feel for who you will interact with if you enter the residential treatment program. 
  • Take Virtual Tours. Get your eyes on the facility to see the available amenities and feel its energy. 

Questions to Ask About COVID-19 Protocols

In addition to standard questions, you would ask when choosing a treatment facility, ask questions about how the organization minimizes the coronavirus’s impact. 

Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19Questions to ask include:

  • Is there a COVID-19 screening before admission?
  • Are they implementing minimum safety protocols like hand-washing, social distancing, wearing facemasks, etc.?
  • Are the clients and staff monitored daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19?
  • What are the emergency protocols if someone contracts the virus?
  • Is there medical staff on-site that can help with any possible health complications?

Other Healthcare Options During COVID-19

If you remain uncomfortable with residential treatment, there are other options to help you with recovery. While less intensive, you can receive the necessary support and treatment to help achieve the results you seek. 

Non-residential treatment options include: 

  • Telemedicine. If you don’t need detox, teletherapy can be an effective way to receive treatment through regular video calls from your home. 
  • Webinars. Many therapies and treatments can be online, so ask the treatment centers you like most to share non-residential options. 
  • Online Consultations. You can speak with caring, heart-centered medical professionals to help you discern the next steps. 
  • Virtual Support Groups. You can build community and network with others via online video support groups. 

Treatment at ILC During COVID-19

While social distancing is an effective tool for mitigating the spread of COVID-19, it can be a barrier to healing from mental health and addictive disorders, Greg said.

“Healing happens in community,” he noted.

Therefore, ILC is taking measures to help keep people safe, including:

  • Pre-admission screening 
  • COVID testing (PCR)
  • Intake screening
  • Temperature checks
  • Focus on hand-washing and disinfecting of surfaces

Greg said that, if someone gets COVID-19 while in treatment, they are separated from the group, following CDC guidelines, tested, and provided telehealth programming until they are virus-free.

Seeking Treatment from Integrative Life Center

Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from obtaining residential treatment that can help you overcome addiction or other mental health challenges. Reach out to the caring, patient-focused professionals at Integrative Life Center to learn about their coronavirus protocols and residential treatment options.

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