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Christi Cessna, MS


Christi Cessna, MS is a well-rounded business development and operational executive with over 20 years of behavioral healthcare experience. She is a proven leader who excels at building teams, operationalizing systems and processes, and producing desired results. She has experience working with companies in different growth stages, as well as launching and sustaining capacities of de novo and acquired programs, mergers and acquisitions, and well-established programs.

As an executive leader, Christi guided organizations on how incorporating best practices and progressive treatment approaches lead to program differentiation and being a treatment center of choice for professionals nationally and internationally. She has worked for several of the behavioral health industry’s most respected private programs and brands, delivering a pivotal outcomes to those organizations in various growth stages.

Christi holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and has experience as a practicing clinician for several years prior to expanding into the business and operational roles. She is a certified DISC trainer and is a national speaker presenting on leadership, collaboration, and ethical business practices. She is passionate about delivering excellent care to clients and families and will only work with organizations that put mission first.