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Is The Pandemic Impacting Your Eating Disorder?

woman looking out window struggling with her eating disorder during the covid-19 pandemic

If you have an eating disorder, the COVID-19 pandemic may trigger your condition due to the incredible stress associated with the coronavirus lockdown. At the Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN, we have an eating disorder treatment program that can help you deal with depression, anxiety, and other underlying causes that may spark a relapse. Learn more about the types of eating disorders and the potential impact of COVID-19 on your condition.

Types of Eating Disorders

An eating disorder involves issues with weight and food consumption. These emotional and physical disorders often develop into life-threatening conditions if left untreated.

Common eating disorders include the following:

  • Anorexia Nervosa: This condition is characterized by excessive weight loss and self-starvation. Symptoms include constantly feeling fat and a compulsion to lose weight.
  • Bulimia Nervosa: People with bulimia engage in cycles of binge-eating then purging. Binge-eating means eating a large amount of food quickly, then using laxatives, vomiting, or excessive exercise to get rid of the calories.
  • Binge Eating Disorder: Compulsive overeating entails uncontrolled eating beyond feeling full. Instead of purging, those with compulsive eating disorders may fast or go on unrealistic diets and feel shame following a binge. Bodyweight varies from standard to obese.
  • Other Eating Disorders: This can include combinations of the disorders discussed. All eating disorders can physically and emotionally exhaust you.

Learn how the coronavirus pandemic can influence your symptoms.

Impact of COVID-19 on Your Eating Disorder

If you have an eating disorder, the pressures and conditions of the coronavirus pandemic can cause a high risk of relapse. The effect of isolation and fears of getting the virus combined with difficulty getting psychological care can increase your danger. When people with eating disorders feel like they don’t have control of their bodies, it can cause a downward spiral of extreme behaviors.

Here are some of the ways COVID-19 restrictions and fears can trigger an eating disorder:

  • With a limited ability to exercise, you may worry about weight gain and start restricting your diet.
  • Stocked cupboards can trigger binge-eating.
  • COVID-19 related isolation can slow your progress with improving interpersonal functioning, which is a key element in many recovery plans that aim to shift the overemphasis on weight to other interests.
  • Spending increased time with household members may accentuate symptoms of your eating disorder.

If you feel that the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic threaten your recovery, Integrative Life Center can help. We have several eating disorder treatment programs that can provide new tools to keep your eating disorder in check.

Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Those with eating disorders often have other conditions, including anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sometimes, an eating disorder develops in response to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and may accompany substance abuse disorders. The pressures of confinement, access to food, and lack of control can trigger a relapse if left unaddressed.

Additionally, for those underweight or morbidly obese due to an eating disorder, the risk of medical complications may complicate the treatment of COVID-19.

With limited treatment options, therapists have had to become more creative in treating patients through outpatient and teleservices options. However, eating disorders often require constant supervision, such as a residential treatment program. At Integrative Life Center, we use several modalities to deliver comprehensive care and support for our clients with eating disorders.

Our eating disorder treatment program incorporates the following therapies:

Eating Disorder Treatment in Nashville, TN

You’re not alone during the coronavirus pandemic. If you need help, come to our treatment center in Nashville, TN. Contact Integrative Life Center today at 615.455.3903 to learn more about our innovative services or to enroll for one of our programs.

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