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How To Decide if Residential Treatment is Right for You

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It takes a lot of courage to admit that you need help to overcome your substance use disorder. The next step involves determining whether a residential or outpatient treatment provides your best option for recovery. At Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN, our counselors can help you understand the pros and cons of residential addiction treatment for women and men.

What Is a Residential Treatment Program?

Residential treatment for your mental health or substance abuse disorder involves living at a proven addiction treatment center such as Integrative Life Center. We offer gender-specific treatment options that allow participants to avoid distractions and tensions that sometimes occur in co-ed groups.

Residential programs provide a supervised, structured environment that can help you maintain your sobriety and clean living as you work through your recovery. You can also create a support system of therapists and other clients going through similar situations. Get the tools you need to overcome substance abuse disorders and mental health challenges.

What You Can Expect from Residential Mental Health Treatment

A residential mental health treatment center can help you address co-occurring disorders that require dual diagnosis treatment. Living at the center may make it easier to deal with the intensive nature of trying to break free of alcohol and drug addiction while learning to cope with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Unlike an outpatient treatment program, residential options give you 24-hour access to medical and psychological professionals. Dedicated, compassionate counselors and medical staff can help you work through every trigger and craving.

Why Clients Choose Residential Addiction Treatment

Clients choose residential addiction treatment for different reasons. If you don’t have a lot of support at home, you may need the reassurance of eating, sleeping, and working through your program in the security of the Integrative Life Center.

Other options include the following:

If you have already tried a PHP or IOP program, you may want to try something that gives you immediate access to help. If you have mental illness as well as substance use disorders, a residential program may provide the stability you need to focus on getting well. In many cases, a residential treatment program could be your best option for lifelong recovery.

Will Residential Treatment Work for You?

If you can dedicate yourself to residential addiction treatment, there are many reasons why it could be a good decision. When you live at the center, you have 24/7 accountability and support for every step of the process. Consistent monitoring lets you track your progress and celebrate each milestone with other residents and staff members.

Sometimes, it’s important to put distance between your normal life and recovery. Toxic relationships, friends who do drugs, and the pressures of family life can all distract you from learning to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Treatment Programs at Integrative Life Center

At Integrative Life Center, you can choose from traditional and holistic treatments available to manage your substance use disorder.

Our approaches include the following:

Participating in group therapy in residential treatment can help you form bonds and a network of support that may extend behind your stay at Integrative Life Center. Additionally, you have time for more therapy sessions, such as equine and adventure therapy. Journaling in the haven of a residential addiction treatment program can help you explore ways to handle cravings without using drugs or alcohol when you return home.

Residential Treatment Program in Nashville

Contact Integrative Life Center in Nashville at [Direct] for more information on residential mental health treatment or residential addiction treatment in Tennessee. Commit to a residential treatment program to give yourself the best opportunity of maintaining your recovery long after you leave the center.

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