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How to Celebrate National Recovery Month

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September is National Recovery Month. It commemorates the millions of Americans undergoing recovery for drug and alcohol use. Celebrate the professionals that make recovery possible. Enroll in an effective addiction recovery program at the Integrative Life Center in Nashville. If you have transitioned into a long-term substance abuse recovery, organize an event in your area.

What Is National Recovery Month?

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) designated September as Recovery Month related events raise awareness of substance use and mental health disorders. It also celebrates those who have successfully recovered.

SAMHSA hopes to educate Americans on the dangers of substance use disorders. At the same time, the month-long holiday encourages teens and adults to live healthy lives free of substance abuse. Events also attempt to remove the stigma of seeking help in a bona fide addiction recovery program.

Recovery Month Has grown over the past 30 years. It now includes professionals managing health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Events surrounding National Recovery Month promote new treatment and recovery practices.

Where Can You Find Tips for Organizing Local Events?

“Together We Are Stronger” serves as the theme for 2020. For tips on how to organize local events, visit the official SAMHSA Recovery Month website.

The Toolkit has all the information you need to fund local events. Peruse the site for ideas on the following topics:

  • Questions to ask before planning an event
  • Recovery Month events
  • Building an event committee
  • Putting together an event budget

Recovery Month promotes the importance of effective prevention and treatment efforts. It also promotes lifelong recovery for those ready to give for a more promising future.

Substance Abuse Recovery

At the Integrative Life Center, substance abuse recovery dominates our efforts every month of the year. We have a comprehensive approach when it comes to helping our clients recover from drug and alcohol abuse. At our recovery center in Nashville, you find a wide array of clinical, therapeutic, medical, and holistic modalities. Let us help you heal every aspect of your mind, body, and spirit.

Here are just a few of the techniques at your disposal when it comes time to build new skills that help you stay on the path to long-term recovery:

  • Group and individual therapy
  • Programs based on the 12-step philosophy

At Integrative Life Center, we treat the whole person, because you extend far beyond the drug or alcohol dependence currently holding you down.

Our Licensed, Experienced, and Amazing Professionals

To achieve our goals of comprehensive care, we hire a variety of professionals to assist in your recovery. During your stay or participation in an outpatient program, you will encounter a wide variety of our staff members. To provide a continuum of care, we need clinicians, massage therapists, medical staff, nutritionists, psychiatrists, and holistic instructors.

Our residential addiction treatment program provides the highest possible levels of care. If you choose our intensive outpatient program, you receive a less intensive level of care that includes transitional living before you return home. During your recovery and aftercare, you have access to a wide range of independent and group therapies, and support for every stage of recovery.

Celebrate National Recovery Month by breaking the disruptive cycle of substance use disorders. Let us help you safely overcome your addiction without a relapse.

Addiction Recovery at Integrative Life Center

From holistic modalities to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Integrative Life Center offers resources in our substance abuse recovery program. Don’t wait for National Recovery Month, contact us at [Direct] for more information on our services in Nashville, TN.

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