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Healing Foods Program

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Food is something many of us take for granted. Unless there is no food, many people never think about it at all. Yet, food is one of the most important things we need, second only to air and water. For other people, thoughts of food occupy every waking moment of their day. These people often hate the very thing they spend so much time thinking about. Food is important for all of us. A healthy way of eating can make a big difference in not only your physical health but also your mental health. Integrative Life Center understands this. Thus, we’ve put together a program that supports and empowers clients. Let’s take a look at why our healing foods program is so essential.

Healthy Body and Mind in Our Healing Foods Program

Your body requires a healthy diet to keep it working smoothly. Addiction often sees a client coming in extremely malnourished. Often this is because a craving for the drug is often what the person hears when their body is crying out for food. For your body to heal from the damage that the use of drugs or alcohol caused, it needs regular nourishment. Our healing foods program will help you recognize what your body needs and teach you how to nourish it so it can continue to heal. As you see your body get stronger, you will also notice your mind working more clearly and quickly.

When Food is the Enemy

Our healing foods program is most important for those who think of food as the enemy. Maybe you can’t stop eating, and that has become such a major part of your life it has gotten you to a place where you feel like you can’t move or breathe efficiently. Maybe when you look in the mirror, you see someone who needs to lose weight, yet the reality is you have wasted away to nothing, but skin and bones and your body systems are starting to shut down. We want to help you rewrite your relationship with food so you can learn that you are the master of what you put into your body, and that healing foods are your friends.

Our Healing Foods Program

Our healing foods program starts with general nutrition information that will help you understand why you need certain foods. We then guide you through the steps of taking control of your diet by planning meals in advance, shopping for the ingredients, and preparing nutritious meals that will work to heal both your body and your mind. You’ll be an active participant in this program creating for yourself the necessary methods you need to make eating, dining, and meals not just healthy but engaging.

We Offer the Tools

When you call the Integrative Life Center at [Direct], it may be because you are having a difficult time with food. It may also be that you are dealing with another type of addiction and don’t think about food at all. Our healing foods program is designed to help everyone form the kind of relationship with their diet that promotes healing of body, mind, and soul. From learning to plan a healthy diet to the preparation of nutritious and delicious meals, we have you covered.

Furthermore, we make it a point to offer a wide range of therapeutic services so clients can have their unique needs met. For instance, some of the therapies we offer include:

These are just a few of the therapies we offer. We hope that when you re-enter life outside, you have come to a healthy relationship with the food that enters your body.

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