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Do You Have a Loved One With Addiction?

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If you’re facing the truth that you have a loved one with addiction, it can be an upsetting and difficult time. But you don’t have to let it become any worse. You can get help for someone you care about, by encouraging them to reach out to us at Integrative Life Center. We know that addiction can be a hard thing to break, but it’s much easier to get past it if you have the right people on your side to help. That’s true whether you’re the one battling the addiction or whether it’s a loved one who’s struggling. By getting in touch with the right people, though, you can get your family member or close friend the kind of support they really need to be successful in recovery.

Your Loved One With Addiction Can Get Help Today

A loved one with addiction can be stressful for the entire family or group of friends. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, it’s possible to get quality help and support that can make a big difference in everyone’s lives. But taking the first step is often the most difficult. You can help your loved one do that, so they know they have your support as well as the help of professionals. Breaking an addiction takes work, but it’s very rewarding and can really make the difference between a happy future and one where there’s a lot of struggle and strife. We’re here to help you get support and guidance for your loved one so that they can look forward to a brighter, better future.

The Right Program is a Great Way to Make a Difference

One of the biggest ways to make a difference in the life of a loved one with addiction is by helping them choose the right treatment program. They might not be sure which option is right for them, and you don’t want them to pick something that won’t provide the best support for their needs. Each person’s situation and reasons for addiction could be different, too, and it’s important to take that into account. We do all of that, to help your loved one conquer addiction. Some of our program options include:

  • Nutritional support
  • Medical support at all care levels
  • Art and music therapy
  • Community re-integration
  • Masters level therapists

Patients will find all of these services available in whatever substance abuse treatment program they choose. Integrative Life Center makes it a point to offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of individuals.

  • Partial hospitalization program or PHP: Built around the patient’s schedule this program is over a shorter period of time but allows for individuals to return home after their daily sessions.
  • Intensive outpatient program or IOP: Getting treatment in a condensed form allows individuals to get the help they need while still maintaining their everyday commitments. This is an excellent option for individuals who may have relapsed.
  • Residential program: Our inpatient residential program gives individuals the focus attention they need to address and overcome their needs.
  • Aftercare: When patients complete their addiction treatment program, we offer aftercare to provide them with the resources and contacts within support communities.

When your loved one with addiction comes to see us, they’ll get the right type and level of support for their specific needs. That gives them the opportunity for a strong recovery and the chance to get back to living a life that feels good to them. You can be a big part of that, by encouraging them to get in touch with us and get started today.

Let Us Help Your Loved One Today, at Integrative Life Center

Your loved one doesn’t need to settle for less than they deserve, or live a life where addiction is in control. They can conquer that addiction, and get back to a life and a future they feel good about. Reach out to us today at [Direct], and let us help you get the right support for a loved one in need. We can get them on the path to a clean and sober life.

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