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Depression Treatment

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COVID-19 has the world turned inside out. People are facing a loss of income from jobs that have to be closed and medical bills that they don’t know if they can pay. Worry about paying for necessities such as rent, food, and childcare has increased as many people have at least temporarily lost their jobs or have to work while kids are kept out of school. Social isolation is difficult for many because we are social creatures, and the news reports of people dying or fighting for their lives all over the world have us scared for ourselves and our loved ones. It is no wonder depression treatment seekers are increasing daily.

Results of Depression

When people don’t get depression treatment professionally and don’t know how to alleviate the darkness in positive ways, the situation can get dangerous quickly. One way that many people choose to deal with depression is to increase their use of substances like drugs and alcohol. This makes the situation worse for those dealing with addiction already. It can ruin years of hard work and sobriety in those who have worked hard to get past addiction. Other people may feel so hopeless that they turn to suicide, the most permanent reaction to what is going to be a temporary situation, even if you don’t see where the end is at the moment. Depression can destroy your life if left untreated.

Ways to Combat Depression

During these uncertain times, there are things you can do to help alleviate the feelings that are leading to depression. The first is to learn the art of mindfulness. Remind yourself that the only time that matters is right now. Learn to focus on coping right now, later will have its own time. Remind yourself that you can handle the situation at this moment–and that is what counts most.

Another thing you can do is connect with others. Granted, we are being advised to physically isolate right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo human contact completely. You have the internet and phone. They both can connect you with others. Stayinphsically distant doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk and maybe wave and smile at others, who are probably wanting the contact just as much as you. Take your dog for a walk and feel the connection with others doing the same.

Get out into the Sun. It is important to spend time outdoors, even if it is simply sitting out on your porch. The sun provides important vitamins that brighten your mood, and nature has been proven to help health both the body and the mind. Make sure to get outside a little each day.

Practice Self-Care

Depression treatment also involves learning to take care of your needs. This starts with eating properly and getting good sleep every day. Beyond that, take a long bubble bath, or a long, steamy shower if that is what you prefer. Spend time enjoying a hobby that may have been pushed aside. Paint a picture, start reading that pile of books you have meant to read, start a journal, or design a website. The important thing is to do something that makes you feel good inside and makes you feel that you are important – because you are.

Seek Depression Treatment

You don’t have to fight depression on your own. It doesn’t have to continue ruining your life. Don’t self-medicate. Integrative Life Center has expert therapists and counselors you can reach out to. We’re waiting for you to simply make a call and ask for help, [Direct]. You aren’t in this situation alone. Together we can help you get through it. Now is the best time to ask for that help. We are here waiting.

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