Our Team

Integrative Life Center is a part of a small family of treatment centers called Integrative Life Network. While our clinical and facilities staff works onsite at each of our locations in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Oxford, we also have team members who work across all of ILC’s programs and other centers within Integrative Life Network.

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Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated and passionate professionals who understand that sound clinical care and integrous treatment programs are few and far between. We lead by example and highly value the power of choice, loving kindness, compassion, and respect. For each individual who walks through our doors at any of our treatment centers, we assume competence, not brokenness. We work collaboratively with our industry partners and referents and trust that at the end of the day, we all want the same thing – for people to find the right treatment for them, and live the life they were meant to live.

Executive Team

Ryan Chapman

Ryan Chapman

Executive Chairman

Christi Cessna, MS

Chief Executive Officer

Qemal Shaholi

Chief Operations Officer

Greg Kfoury

Chief Revenue Officer

Carmen Dominguez, LMHC

Chief Clinical Advisor

Terra Even

VP of Compliance and Operations

Jeff Snyder

VP of Strategy

Admissions Team

Teresa Mock, BSN

Director of Admissions

Ryan Martin

Admissions Specialist

Josh Blackburn

Admissions Specialist

Kristin Extine

Admissions Specialist

Ryan Decker

Admissions Specialist

Travis Steck

Admissions Coordinator

Josh Chapman

Client Services Coordinator

Jodie Mullins, LPN, AAS

UR Specialist

Business Development Team

Tara Young

Tara Young

Director of Marketing

Caroline Beskid

Marketing Specialist

Ally Bain

Marketing Coordinator

Savannah Stein

Alumni Coordinator

Garrety Hudkins

Alumni Coordinator

Sandy Bassin

Clinical Resource Advisor

Emily Bourne, LPC

Clinical Resource Advisor

Robyn Cruze

Clinical Resource Advisor

Shannon Frost

Clinical Resource Advisor

Jay Fuller

Collegiate Outreach Specialist

David Magee

National Recovery Advocate

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Robin Mastroni

Robin Mastroni, MSW

Clinical Resource Advisor

Hugh Nash

National Outreach Specialist

Ashley Podzius

Clinical Resource Advisor

Operations, HR, and Financial Services Team

Mike Barker

Director of Finance

Kathleen Seisman, SHRM-CP, MHA, ACHE

Director of Human Resources

Wes Crawford

Director of Implementation

Lindsay Koch

Financial Services Coordinator

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