Addressing COVID-19.

Our Approach to Treatment Amidst COVID-19.

As the country begins to open up for what will be the new “normal”, we want to continue to be transparent with Integrative Life Center’s approach. With the safety measures we have instituted, we have been very fortunate that that we have not had any COVID-19 cases.

ILC’s response to the pandemic has been swift as we went beyond the CDC protocols by providing COVID-19 tests to all incoming clients and new staff. This reduced the risk considerably. We are committed to providing a safe treatment experience for our clients and staff. Our protocols are working and we will continue to follow them.

***As of January 2021, ILC staff have started receiving the MRNA COVID-19 vaccination.

Our COVID-19 Protocols. Updated 5/25/21

We have created a task force that includes the leadership teams at both Integrative Life Center and the medical arm of our company, Integrative Health Centers. Together we have implemented the following:

  1. Sterilization Policy – Upon arrival in the morning, all employees are expected to immediately wash hands for 20 seconds; get their temperature checked; wipe down all phones, computer equipment, door handles, light switches, faucet handles, etc; then wash hands again. WASH > TEMP > WIPE > WASH. Clients and staff have been instructed to wash hands before every meal and cleaning services are disinfecting each building on the ILC campus through regularly scheduled cleanings.
  2. Temperature Check Process – All employees and clients must have their temperature checked every morning before programming begins and all clients are receiving a second temperature check before dinner. Temperatures are being logged and sent to the task force owner each day.
  3. COVID-19 Testing – Every admitting client is administered a COVID-19 test upon arrival. Additionally any current clients who may present with a high temperature or flu-like symptoms, and staff members who report possible exposure or present with a high temperature or flu-like symptoms during their daily checks are administered a test.
  4. Quarantine Plan – Even with all the above precautions in place, there is still a possibility that a client could contract COVID-19. If a client were to test positive and wishes to stay in the care of ILC while they recover, they will be transported to a safe and comfortable offsite residence to self-quarantine (with nursing support). The rest of the client’s immediate community will then be administered tests. If there are more positives, the house will go into a collective quarantine (with nursing support). Our Director of Compliance will compile the information and report it to the Tennessee Department of Health.
  5. High-Touch Therapies – High touch therapies like Massage and Body Work and Acupuncture are temporarily suspended for residential levels of care until further notice.
  6. Ongoing Communication – ILC continues to reach out to emergency contacts and outside treatment providers letting them know of our precautionary measures and our internal teams are meeting weekly to adjust clinical delivery and precautionary measures accordingly.

What you need to know.

We are open for business.

No matter what’s going on in the world around us, people still need help and therefore Integrative Life Center is still accepting new admissions and providing in-person treatment as well as telehealth programming. We are conducting the CDC-recommended visitor screening process regarding recent travel, flu-like and respiratory symptoms, as well as stringent protocols for hygiene, temperature checks, masks and onsite sterilization.

Small but mighty.

One of the advantages we believe we have in the face of this pandemic is the size of our center. Our maximum census at Women’s Residential campus is 12 (six to a home); our Men’s Residential campuses each can have up to eight men living in each house; our maximum census at our Men’s PHP and IOP supportive living home is eight; and our maximum census at our our Women’s PHP/IOP supportive living is eight. Being a boutique program allows us to keep our group sizes small and our attention focused on each individual client.

Safety first.

We are doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe. From clients to staff, it is our absolute top priority to ensure that we prioritize the health of everyone under our roof. We will continue to adjust and be as nimble as necessary to keep up with the daily changes surrounding the coronavirus.

Wide open spaces.

On our expansive campuses for men and women we have hiking trails, a labyrinth, fire pits, a garden, spring-fed ponds for fishing and room to move. We are using the tools at our disposal to keep clients engaged and connected throughout this time.

Quality still matters.

Even under these unprecedented circumstances, our mission to provide the best possible care for our clients remains unwavering. Following the criteria that’s been established to closely monitor the ILC community, we aim to continue with the same experiential and traditional treatment modalities as much as possible while acting in the best interest of our clients and staff.

Stay Updated.

Keep checking this page for the latest updates on ILC’s response to COVID-19. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our team at