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Group of college students sitting with professor at the back in school library

How to Help Students with Trauma

Everyone experiences traumatic happenings, like the death of a loved one or job loss. Many people process the trauma, adjust, and move on, while others experience emotional trauma symptoms that

Young female student with natural hair using laptop sitting outdoors

Recognizing the Signs of Trauma in Students

College can be a fun, fresh, and exciting time for young adults, but for some, it can trigger or result in emotional trauma that affects their mental and physical well-being.

Man wearing black jacket standing outdoors deep breathing with arms wide open

The Best Treatment for Complex Trauma

Complex trauma can lead to lifelong challenges. Complex trauma occurs when people experience multiple traumas, such as neglect, abuse, or racism, over months or even years. Traumas so complex can

Young blonde female student sleeping on his desk in classroom

What is Student Trauma?

For many students, college is a fun experience full of lifelong friendships, lasting memories, and expanding knowledge for your future career. It also can be stressful, challenging, and traumatic. Some

Female therapist writing on notebook listening to female client sitting on couch

What is Brainspotting and How Does It Work?

Mind-body therapies like brainspotting are popular with mental health professionals and their clients, and research supports their value and effectiveness. Even people familiar with mind-body therapies may be yet to

What Does Emotional Trauma Do to the Brain

What Does Emotional Trauma Do to the Brain?

Trauma is an emotional reaction to a distressing event, but what does emotional trauma do to the brain? When a person experiences trauma, their brain shifts into high alert. All

The Truth About Emotional Trauma

What Are the Symptoms of Emotional Trauma?

When a traumatic experience occurs, it’s normal to feel scared or horrified by it. In other situations, you may experience trauma without even recognizing it as a disturbing event. In

5 Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Understanding the 5 Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Everyone experiences trauma, but some people have difficulty emotionally processing these happenings and need professional mental health support. Understanding the five principles of trauma-informed care allows you to choose mental

Understand Childhood Trauma

What are the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma?

Even if you’re an adult, you can still feel childhood trauma’s emotional and physical effects. An essential part of the healing process is recognizing that childhood trauma is causing the

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