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5 Benefits of Aftercare You Need to Know About

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It’s been estimated that almost half of those in recovery will relapse. With stats like this, it may make you wonder why treatment. But there’s something you should know. First, a 16-year US government study found that people who get treatment versus those who quit on their own are much more likely to stay in recovery. And secondly, the benefits of an aftercare program are astounding. Researchers found that well-conducted aftercare programs resulted in continual positive changes and better outcomes.

In other words, aftercare helps people stay in recovery. And here are just some of the reasons you should consider it.

It’s Easier to Stick with Your Commitments

You’ve seen so many improvements in your health, relationships, and outlook. So you just can’t imagine you’d slip back into old ways.

But it’s easier to fall back into old habits than you might think. In rehab, you have a network of people around you, rooting for you. They may be reinforcing your plan on a daily or weekly basis.

It’s just easier to stick with it if you continue to participate in your healing and the healing of others actively. Additionally, you’ll keep practicing and reinforcing coping skills, mindfulness, and other techniques you learned in rehab.

But the benefits of an aftercare program don’t end there.

Be with Those Who Face Similar Challenges

As a person in recovery, you’ve likely had to cut off some unhealthy relationships. But it’s crucial for those in recovery to spend some time with people facing similar struggles. That is as long as those people are committed like you are to staying in recovery.

One of the major benefits of an aftercare program is that you’ll automatically find people with similar challenges. You can hear how they’re putting their coping skills to work in real life to remind you that they work when you use them.

Additionally, you’ll learn from each other and grow stronger together.

Maintain Connections with a Professional Network

Stay connected with addictions professionals who can be there when you need someone to talk to. Maybe you’re thinking about engaging in an activity that could lead to relapse. Professionals can help you process those plans and be truthful with yourself to decide if that’s a good idea.

Have Better Accountability

Accountability doesn’t stop relapse. However, it often works by making you think twice before doing something that may jeopardize recovery. Quite often, that second thought is all you need to become more mindful and put your relapse-prevention skills to work to manage this life event.

And, of course, you also have someone to call, text, or message when you need it.

Proven to Prevent Relapse

Studies have shown that aftercare can significantly improve your chances of staying in recovery. Studies have concluded that it’s because of the above benefits of an aftercare program that this life of recovery is possible. Our aftercare programs provide individuals with the support they need when they are confronted with triggers or emotionally difficult times.

Integrative Life Center’s Aftercare Program

Here at Integrative Life Center, we get the most out of our great location in Nashville, TN. We embrace the beautiful countryside where clients are exposed to our experiential therapies such as equine therapy. But being in the city of Nashville, Integrative Life Center’s Aftercare Program on Music Row is also part of our comprehensive addiction treatment program. Individuals can take advantage of numerous therapies, such as:

Are you seeking a lifetime of lasting recovery? An aftercare program can help. To discover the benefits of an aftercare program for yourself, please call us at [Direct] to explore treatment options.

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