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Benefits of Seeking Mental Health Treatment

Many people will not seek mental health treatment due to the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Seeking help is the first step to recovery and regaining a sense of control of

child abuse

How Child Abuse Changes the Brain

The trauma of child abuse can result in changes in the brain during a period of life that’s critical for development. These changes are significant enough to have physical, emotional,

Types of Residential Treatment Programs for Addiction

Residential treatment can serve as the impetus for positive change for individuals with addictions. Entering residential treatment  may be the starting point of a comprehensive recovery program that allows individuals

What Are Family Roles in Addiction?

The people around a person with an addiction can play important roles in their recovery journey. To understand why people behave differently, you need to understand the family archetypes. But,

Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Symptoms, and Options

Alcohol is ingrained in American social settings. It’s available at sporting events, concerts, and restaurants – readily accessible to adults age 21 and older and often those who are underage. 

Video: Recovery Through a Spiritual Perspective

In some spiritual ideologies we are seen as unique individuals who take on the energies of our experiences, which can sometimes leave us out of balance within ourselves and in our relationship to the world around

smartphone with Facebook on it next to laptop how facebook for therapy is used

Tips: How Therapists Can Use Facebook Pages

In this video, Facebook expert Erica Bollinger of The Mustard Seed Agency shares tips for how therapists can leverage Facebook Pages in an authentic and impactful way to gain new

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