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Alcohol and Depression: Breaking the Link

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If you’re finding that you struggle with an addiction to alcohol and depression on top of it, you’re not alone. There’s often a link between these two issues. But fortunately, it’s a link that can be broken. When you come to Integrative Life Center, you have the opportunity to get quality help and focus on a better life and a happier future for yourself. Living clean and sober is possible, and so is working through depression, so it doesn’t control you anymore. We can help you get started on the right path, with the tools and coping skills you need to succeed. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, when there’s a brighter and healthier future out there for you.

You Can Move Past Alcohol and Depression

There are plenty of areas in life to focus your efforts on, and one of them should be on breaking the link between alcohol and depression that’s a part of your life. You don’t have to struggle with those issues any longer when you get the right people to help you find your voice and ask for the help you need and deserve. Often, people who are depressed start drinking to feel better, or to at least feel something besides the numbness that can often come with depression. But alcohol is a depressant and can leave them feeling worse than they did before they began drinking. That’s something to consider, but breaking away isn’t always the easiest thing to do. We can help.

Choose the Right Treatment Program for Your Needs

With the right treatment program, you’ll be able to address the alcohol and depression issues in your life and focus on treatment for both. Then you can reduce the chances of having a relapse later because you’ll have handled both conditions. You’ll also have the tools and techniques needed to cope with temptations in the future and to catch problems early if you feel like life circumstances are starting to bring you down. Some of the options we offer for programs to help you include:

  • Medical support at all care levels
  • Art and music therapy
  • Masters level therapists
  • Community re-integration
  • Nutritional support

Patients will find all of these services available in whatever substance abuse treatment program they choose. Integrative Life Center makes it a point to offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of individuals.

  • Partial hospitalization program or PHP: Built around the patient’s schedule this program is over a shorter period of time but allows for individuals to return home after their daily sessions.
  • Intensive outpatient program or IOP: Getting treatment in a condensed form allows individuals to get the help they need while still maintaining their everyday commitments. This is an excellent option for individuals who may have relapsed.
  • Residential program: Our inpatient residential program gives individuals the focus attention they need to address and overcome their needs.
  • Aftercare: When patients complete their addiction treatment program, we offer aftercare to provide them with the resources and contacts within support communities.

Through proper support and treatment, as well as guidance for the future, you can get back on the right track and reduce or eliminate the problems alcohol and depression are causing in your life. We want to make sure you have what you need to be successful, so you can enjoy a better future that you’re looking forward to.

Break Free From Depression and Alcohol, With Integrative Life Center

By contacting us today at [Direct], you’ll be able to get the treatment you need to conquer an addiction to alcohol and work through depression, too. You don’t have to live with addiction and mental health issues any longer. We know you have plans and dreams that are important to you, and we want to help you get back to them so you can live the life you want. There’s no reason to settle for anything less when you have the opportunity to get help from compassionate professionals who are ready to help you.

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