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3 Signs Your Loved One Needs Grief Counseling

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When you lose a loved one, the grief can seem overwhelming. The signs of grief include mourning, depression, and lack of interest in what’s going on around you. Grief can go on for months with more subtle signs. There’s no shame in seeking help to get your life back on track. At the Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN, our grief and loss and trauma therapy programs are just a few of the resources available for grief counseling.

What Is Grief Counseling?

Our grief and loss treatment program helps clients process their feelings. Anger, shame, sadness, and guilt account for the kaleidoscope of emotions that you may go through after losing a family member or pet. Sometimes, you may just need to talk it through with a professional therapist. Some clients need specific treatment for depression and other disorders. If this applies to you, we may recommend psychodrama therapy or trauma-informed therapy.

Three Signs of Grief

If you lose a loved one, take the time you need to process the loss. Distracting yourself with activities may bury your symptoms for weeks, months, or years. These three symptoms of grief may indicate that you need professional help in dealing with your emotions:

  • Social Isolation: If you are normally a social person but find yourself spending too much time alone following grief and loss, it may be a sign that you need help working through your feelings. Long-term, persistent isolation could lead to mental health disorders if left untreated. So, if you find yourself turning down invitations, avoiding family members, and refusing to talk to friends, speak with one of our psychotherapists and move forward with your life.
  • Lack of Emotional Response: Feeling numb after a great loss is a natural coping mechanism to shelter you from the pain. However, at some point, you need to open your heart to the joy that you deserve. Depression disorder treatment can help you work through your feelings of sorrow, anger, and confusion. Let the professional, compassionate staff at Integrative Life Center help you overcome your feelings of hopelessness and look forward to a future rich in love and friendship.
  • Substance Abuse: Many clients that come to us for grief counseling have begun to use alcohol and other drugs to self-medicate following the loss of a beloved pet, friend, or family member. Unfortunately, the heavy use of these substances can lead to addiction. The loss of a loved one can affect your finances, health, and emotional well-being. We treat the whole person by providing substance abuse treatment and mental health disorder treatment at the same time.

We Can Help You Move On

Do you feel stuck in place due to the pain of loss? Our grief counseling and psychotherapy programs offer a variety of treatments that your counselor will adapt to your needs. We won’t tell you to get over a death. Instead, we help you remember all the people who still love and need you. Additionally, our trauma therapy treatment can help you deal with repressed emotions following the death of someone close to you.

At Integrative Life Center, we have helped clients deal with the aftermath of loss with grief therapy and psychotherapy. Even if it’s been many years, it’s not too late for grief counseling.

Grief Therapy at Integrative Life Center

At Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN, we take a holistic approach to grief counseling. Contact us at 615.455.3903 for more information on our psychotherapy, grief therapy, trauma therapy, and other programs that can help you overcome your loss as well as any co-occurring conditions such as substance abuse and other mental health disorders.

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